Sabtu, 22 September 2012

Woven Glass

Woven Glass is unique and singular in its appeal. Constructed of compatible pieces of glass, these elements are then assembled, as one would imagine a fine tapestry would be. Taking into consideration colors, thickness and texture of both the "warp and weft" glass, the glass artist creates a truly multi-faceted sculpture which allows the viewer the freedom and pleasure of exploration, calling for ones hand to make contact with this movement of colored glass as it floats in its seemingly impossible form.

The true magic in creating this type of glass art lays heavily in the knowledge of kiln management. There must be willingness by the artist to recycle numerous works before acquiring a level of insight and control over the medium. And even with this information well documented, one is never to sure what will emerge from out of the kiln after a firing schedule is completed. Trail and error periods in an artists coming to terms with this direction of glass art is par for the course and very meaningful in the reaching a high standard of gallery and museum quality works of art.

A new interest is coming alive in Woven Glass Art, as gallery owners and art dealers survey the glass landscape for the few gifted orators of this style of glasswork.

And although many people working in the realm of blowing and fusing glass have tried their hand at weaving, very few have attained the mastery, understanding and patience required to produce these wonders of art.

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