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Stained Glass Artists: Four Names Every Stained Glass Artisan or Enthusiast Should Know

Almost any stained glass gallery is likely to contain one or more works inspired by the artists described below. These stained glass artists not only had their own signature style, but also changed the world of stained glass art in some significant way. Five artists who had a lasting influence on the highly specialized art form known as stained glass are:

    Louis Comfort Tiffany: He is undoubtedly one of the most well known of all the artists. He used individual pieces of glass to develop windows and mosaics that had the same level of detail as paintings. Tiffany also developed the copper foil method, which allowed pieces of art to be produced in three dimensions. "Tiffany-style" lampshades are widely recognized examples of his signature style. Notable projects he completed include a commission for the White House and windows for the John the Baptiste church in Boston.
    Frank Lloyd Wright: An architect and a designer, Frank Lloyd Wright is best known for his prairie-style designs. Hallmarks of his works are clean, straight lines, simple geometric shapes (most often squares and rectangles), and vibrant, bold colors. His style is highly appealing to those who prefer looks that are more contemporary.
    John La Farge: Born in 1835, La Farge was a writer and a painter in addition to being one of history's most important stained glass artists. One of his most impressive contributions was his invention of opalescent glass. Now widely used by artisans, opalescent glass is special because it contains more than one color. Many of La Farge's masterpieces are displayed in churches, including the Trinity Church in Boston and St. Paul's Chapel at Columbia University.
    Harry Clarke: This Dublin-born artist was an important part of the country's arts and crafts movement. He produced well over 100 works that were both religious and secular in nature. One of the defining features of Clarke's works was his use of rich colors, blues in particular. He created the windows for the Honan Chapel in Cork as well as a window inspired by one of John Keats's poems: "The Eve of St. Agnes".

When browsing a gallery, it might not always be immediately obvious which artist inspired a certain piece. Today's artists have the advantage of being able to incorporate several styles and influences into a single work. This has allowed them to craft windows and other architectural features that combine elements from the past with their own original ideas and techniques.

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