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Stained Glass Art - How to Paint a Christmas Tree Bauble (Bulb) Ornament

Hand painted Christmas bauble ornaments can be an exciting craft project for the entire family. They can be for your family's tree or be used as gifts from your children to their relatives. They are inexpensive and are not difficult to make.

The supplies can be purchased from a local craft store. You will need are as follows:

• Clear Plastic Baubles split in half preferred, but can use whole ones
• Christmas patterns small enough to fit on Bauble
• Small Bag of Artificial Snow
• Tracing Paper
• Tape
• Pencil, Soft
• Scissors
• Black Outline Pen
• Glass Paints (colors of your choice)
• Small Paint Brush

1) Select the Christmas pattern to be used and trace as many patterns as you wish to paint. Use the tracing paper over the pattern and trace all of the lines using the sharp soft pencil.

2) For the Bauble halves, roughly cut each traced pattern out using scissors and make slits along the sides so the pattern will fit inside the concave side of the Bauble. For the full sphere bauble cut on the line of the pattern so the pattern can be drawn around.

3) If you have a two piece bauble, split into two halves. Select one half and place the pattern inside of it at the location you want. Tape it in position. If a you can only find a spherical bauble, place the traced pattern on the outside surface of the bauble in the position you want and tape it in place.

4) For the Bauble half, carefully support the underneath side of the Bauble with your hand while drawing on the plastic over the line on the pattern using the Black Outliner. Wait for the Outliner to dry before continuing. For the spherical Bauble, draw around the pattern onto the plastic surface of the Bauble with a China Marker. After the Chine Marker has dried remove the taped on pattern. Now, go over these lines with the Black Outliner and wait for it to dry.

5) For the Bauble half, after the Black Outliner has dried remove the taped on pattern from the inside of the Bauble.

6) Select the color of paint and carefully paint the inside of the pattern, rotating the Bauble to keep the paint area horizontal, which will keep the paint from accumulating in one area. When the paint of the main area is dry, continue painting the other designs by starting the central area and moving to the Back Outline.

7) A nice added touch is to write across the bottom of the Bauble the date and the name of the painter.

8) The two halves of the Bauble can be snapped together to make a spherical Bauble. The spherical Bauble can be partially or completely filled with artificial snow through the attachment hole on the top.

9) The wire top hook can be now placed in the Bauble and it is ready for hanging on a Christmas tree.

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