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Stained Glass Art - How to Cheaply Hang Pictures or Decorations on Your Wall

Hanging pictures, art works, or decorations on your walls is normally done by purchasing picture hangers. These can be as simple as a nail and hook, or more complicated hangers like the multiple nails for one hook. Hangers that do not make holes in the wall are also available such as: adhesives tabs with a hook attached, adhesive Velcro attachments or the newer 3M Command picture hooks. All of these solutions for hanging a your decoration have a place. Unfortunately, the methods developed for attaching decorations without holes can get very expensive.

I have been using a hanging solution that my family has used for years to hang pictures, and since I am an engineer by education, I have produced a table to show you the loads this system will hold. These loads incorporate a 4:1 safety factor, which means that the hanging device will actually hold four times as much as shown in the table, but you should stick with the load value in the table.

The hanging solution that I have used is the common hand sewing needle. A package of sewing needles of different sizes (gauges) can be purchased at any craft or yardage store. You may even have some laying-around your house. Hand sewing needles are made from alloyed steel and have been heat-treated to increase their strength. Since the needle is harden steel, eye protection should be worn when driving the needle into the wall in case the eye end of the needle breaks off.

The location of the hanger should be marked on the wall so the decoration will be level and in the correct place. This location should take into account the distance from the decorations hanging location to its top edge. The needle can be held with a pair of pliers, then be driven into the wall on a slight upwards angle. This angle will allow the portion of the needle sticking out of the wall to hold whatever is hung on it and keep it next to the wall. The minimum stick out of the needle should be 1/4", which will be enough to engage the decoration that is being hung.

Needles are easily driven in walls where gypsum board (drywall) is used without having to look for the stud. Most houses built after 1975 have gypsum board walls. When the needle is removed it leaves a very small hole, which can be easily filled if need be. The safe load for a decoration versus the needle gauge is shown in Table I.

Table I - Needle Gauge No. Versus Safe Shear Load

• Gauge No. - 30, Diameter (in) = 0.0100, Load (lbs) = 1
• Gauge No. - 29, Diameter (in) = 0.0113, Load (lbs) = 2
• Gauge No. - 28, Diameter (in) = 0.0129, Load (lbs) = 2
• Gauge No. - 27, Diameter (in) = 0.0142, Load (lbs) = 3
• Gauge No. - 26, Diameter (in) = 0.0159, Load (lbs) = 4
• Gauge No. - 25, Diameter (in) = 0.0179, Load (lbs) = 5
• Gauge No. - 24, Diameter (in) = 0.0201, Load (lbs) = 6
• Gauge No. - 23, Diameter (in) = 0.0226, Load (lbs) = 7
• Gauge No. - 22, Diameter (in) = 0.0253, Load (lbs) = 9
• Gauge No. - 21, Diameter (in) = 0.0258, Load (lbs) = 11
• Gauge No. - 20, Diameter (in) = 0.0320, Load (lbs) = 14
• Gauge No. - 19, Diameter (in) = 0.0359, Load (lbs) = 18
• Gauge No. - 18, Diameter (in) = 0.0403, Load (lbs) = 23

As can be seen from Table I, a 25 or lower gauge needle will safely carry a 5 lb shear load, which is load applied to the needle when driven into the wall for hanging a decoration. If your decoration has less weight such as Holiday Bows, Ribbons, small plastic decorations, etc., then a higher gauge needle will do the job.

Hanging a stained glass art piece on your wall or in your window you can create a bright and cheerful decoration for your home. When hung in the window, it will allow you and others to be reminded of beauty it brings to your room. It is the most exciting way to turn your plain windows without a view into a dream view. By making an online order today, you can get these stained glass art panels faster and with more buying convenient. Doing one room at a time will allow you to create a unique room atmosphere for each room.

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