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Transform Your Glassware Into Personalised Works of Art With Glass Etching Stencils!

Do you ever look at your glassware and wish you could make it different, more individual, more YOU? Well, with the huge range of exciting glass etching stencils available you can, and what's more, it's a cinch and takes less than 30 minutes! You can even design your own stencils and create different textures if you're feeling ultra artistic!

So - what do you have to do to create these permanent, unique works of glass art?

1. Gather your materials together.

You need:
glass etching creme,
latex/vinyl gloves,
sponge/foam brush,
squeegee (desirable but not essential),
glass etching stencils,
paper towels,
safety glasses,
washing up liquid,
craft knife,
plastic carrier bag,
measuring tape and masking tape.

2. Clean your glass and place the stencil.

Thoroughly clean and dry your glass - either with detergent and water or window cleaner. Carefully remove the backing paper from the stencil and apply it - adhesive side down - to the glass. If your glassware is a vessel rather than flat sheet glass, you need to stop it from rolling around first - sticking it down with masking tape should suffice. Rub the stencil on with a squeegee or your thumb, and carefully peel off the backing, making sure that each piece of the stencil remains firmly on the glass. Mask the glass outside the stencil with masking tape to protect it - you don't want smears on your masterpiece!

3. Etch your glass.

This is your dressing up moment - put on your safety goggles and disposable gloves, shake the etching creme and apply a very thick coating to the exposed glass with the foam brush. It's important that it's an even thickness, and that you've covered all the corners and edges. Leave for 15 minutes, but stay around! The etching creme is a caustic substance and is dangerous to leave unattended.

4. Clean up.

Wipe the excess etching creme off with paper towels, making sure you have a plastic bag to tie them into before throwing them away. Wash the glass in warm water and washing up liquid. It's now safe to undress! Off with the goggles and gloves.

5. Remove the stencil.

Peel the stencil off the glass. It will come off in little pieces - you may need the craft knife to help you. Be warned; it's not reusable, so don't try to rescue the bits.

6. Dry 'n' admire!

Wash the glass for the final time - don't panic if your artwork disappears - dry it thoroughly and it will reappear for you to admire. It really is as simple as that.

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